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Online Language Course

Learn Languages with FUN

Our simplified Spanish and French lessons will ensure that beginners will be functional in English quickly & easily!


We simplified language learning so a beginner can easily learn the basics immediately & expand from there!


We breakdown your Spanish and French learning into a 12 session learning package, giving you a realistic yet prompt learning regime.


After your 12 learning sessions, graduate to a live online tutor who can take your Spanish and French to the next level!


We help people of all ages learn english fast! Our 12 session breakdown of the English language will teach a complete beginner the basics of the language. After building this foundation, students can graduate to a live online tutor to build their reading and speaking skills further.

We have found this strategy to be the most effective to getting students to learn the most, in the least time possible. Learning a new language is tough, but LanguageLearning360 is here to make the learning process as fast and fun as possible!


We know traditional English tutors can be quite expensive! At LanguageLearning360, we make sure that students can learn English at an extremely affordable rate. Our rates are among the cheapest in the market. You can be on your way to a functional English speaker for a just nominal monthly fee.


12 Sessions Lesson

$19.99/ per month

This program included a 12 session English learning program that will primarily focus on learning the basics of English, both reading and writing.